Michelle Maddy

With more than 16 years experience in real estate acquisition, finance, and title work, my number one desire is to show others how to profit by finding out what they are passionate about.  I can help you to create automated systems to properly market your business to create great cash flows.  By teaching others how to invest in real estate, we can partner to get your first deal done in 30 days or less.

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Welcome to your one stop place to connect with a diversified professional team of investors, lenders, and coaches that can help you build your business.  With more than 16 years of experience, Michelle Maddy coaches local business owners and investors on how to dominate their local markets through combined online marketing optization techniques as well as offline local marketing with cutting edge technology such as mobile marketing, professional networking, mastermind group meetings, and continual customer relations.
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Here is one recent testimony from a coaching student:

Michelle has really impressed me with her knowledge and understanding of investing in real estate. She has a sincere desire to share her wisdom with others and wants nothing but success for everyone she mentors. She is truly a great mentor!  
As a new investor, Michelle was instrumental in assisting me and my partner with a lead that we did not have the knowledge to obtain.  We placed a call to Michelle and she instantly provided the support and expertise that we needed to make the right decision regarding that property. She continuously provides guidance and encouragement during our learning process. Thanks for your amazing teaching and guidance.
Debbie and Annie
Spike Heels and a Deal Real Estate